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Les damos la Bienvenida a la Biblioteca Digital del Colegio Marymount de Medellín, este repositorio ofrece información institucional de libre acceso en texto completo, en este repositorio digital usted podrá consultar, descargar información y trabajos producidos por los estudiantes, profesores y personal administrativo de la institución.

Desde la Biblioteca del Colegio se crea esta nueva herramienta como recurso de información y consulta aprovechando las nuevas tecnologías de información y comunicación (TICs) para un mundo globalizado. La información publicada cuenta los requisitos establecidos por las normas de Derechos deAutor a nivel mundial.

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Welcome to the Marymount School of Medellín Digital Library. This library repository offers open access to institutional information in complete full text format. In this digital collection you can research and download information and literary works done by students, teachers and our school staff.

The Marymount school library decided to implement this new tool as an information and research resource taking advantage of new Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) used in a globalized world. The information published has all the requirements included in the Authors' Rights laws established throughout the world.

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¿Cómo ha evolucionado la fotografía publicitaria y qué impacto ha tenido en el consumidor de Medellín? : Proyecto de Grado
(Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Alvarez Duque, María José
The theme covered in this work is about how the evolution of advertising photography impacts consumers in Medellín. There are several ways to make an advertisement that contains photographs attract more consumer attention than one that does not have any type of image. For this, an investigation was carried out by means of a survey directed at 38 inhabitants of the city of Medellín, which allowed affirming what was previously consulted and answering the question asked. In turn, in this research, a collection of historical data on photography and advertising was made, where information from our country was taken into account, and a small trace in the timeline. Some elements that are used to make the image look attractive and catch the consumer's attention are the saturation of the colors, the quality of the image, the lighting, and the way the advertisement is organized. When an advertisement contains an image to show the public, the product builds trust and gives customers an idea of what the product actually looks like by motivating the desire to purchase it. For this reason, advertising must complement an image.
¿De qué manera el mercadeo de la moda genera estereotipos en la mujer actual? : Proyecto de Grado
(Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Rada González, Emiliana
This research is generally aimed at determining how the marketing of the fashion industry generates stereotypes in today's women. A theoretical study of general concepts, current fashion marketing, characteristics of the fashion industry, and history of women’s stereotypes was essential. It was important to build on sources like the ones thrown at us by the British author Mike Easey, writer of the book "fashion marketing", Catalina Villa magister in fashion marketing, and Valentina Osorio creator of women's image science. Finally, it was concluded with the help of several experts on the selected topic and with the theoretical information obtained in the research that, whether there is a clear relationship between fashion marketing and current stereotypes of women that they do generates stereotypes in the current woman, in some cases conscious, in others unconscious and it creates them by fostering a perfect image of women by different means, such as advertising and social media.
In which ways has forensic evidence collection for the conviction of a serial killer evolved over the years as seen from a criminalistic point of view? : Proyecto de Grado
(Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Alzate Jaramillo, Mariana
Detecting and catching a serial killer in the shortest time possible after his very first strikes is a key factor in order to minimize the number of victims, they are able to affect, in order to achieve this, optimal techniques and equipment are crucial. Over the past 40 years, the evolution of technology has been astronomical; this transformation has drastically affected most, if not all professional areas, including the criminalistics field. This investigation consists of exploring the different manners in which the recent technological advances have shaped the examination tactics of forensic evidence into what is it today. To fulfil the previously mentioned objective one of the focal points of this investigation consists on the comparison between two serial killer cases from 2 different decades which date 30 years apart (1980´s - 2010); the contrast between these two, looks into multiple aspects within each of the cases, some of which include the modus operandi, the physical evidence and the testimonial evidence that was found in each of them and the impact each of them represented during the investigation process.
¿Cómo el multitasking afecta la publicidad de la compra/venta de productos de moda ofertados por un emprendimiento? : Proyecto de Grado
(Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Gutiérrez Medina, Amalia
Multitasking has become a regular part of everyone’s daily life, it is used without being fully aware and without knowing the serious effects that it may be causing in humans. This research studies one of those areas, advertising, in which multitasking possibly intervenes, either positively or negatively. It investigates the impact that multitasking has on the minds of consumers at the moment in which they see advertising being offered by entrepreneurships, especially those of fashion, and those that are presented by digital media such as social networks. The result obtained shows the influence that, in a certain way, due to specific factors such as attention, multitasking has in people's lives, in addition to its impact on certain purchases and sales made by the entrepreneurships.
¿Cómo impacta el duelo emocional por la muerte de un padre o madre en el desarrollo de la identidad de los jóvenes de 15 a 17 años? : Proyecto de Grado
(Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Espinosa Calle, Mariana
The following work presents the way in which grief impacts an adolescent in the ages between 15 and 17 years, while trying to form their identity, principles and values for the beginning of adulthood. Adolescence is defined as the period of human growth and development, that consists in multiple phycological and physical changes, along with constant mood and character fluctuations. This is a stage in which emotions are held on a fine thread. However, the moment in which the young man or woman, has to face situations such the parent loss, that might make him question his or her existence, values, beliefs and identity. This thread can thus be broken creating in adolescents intense emotional reactions, denial, fear, anxiety and depression, which can prejudice multiple processes of this stage.