¿De qué manera el mercadeo de la moda genera estereotipos en la mujer actual? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
This research is generally aimed at determining how the marketing of the fashion industry generates stereotypes in today's women. A theoretical study of general concepts, current fashion marketing, characteristics of the fashion industry, and history of women’s stereotypes was essential. It was important to build on sources like the ones thrown at us by the British author Mike Easey, writer of the book "fashion marketing", Catalina Villa magister in fashion marketing, and Valentina Osorio creator of women's image science. Finally, it was concluded with the help of several experts on the selected topic and with the theoretical information obtained in the research that, whether there is a clear relationship between fashion marketing and current stereotypes of women that they do generates stereotypes in the current woman, in some cases conscious, in others unconscious and it creates them by fostering a perfect image of women by different means, such as advertising and social media.
Mercadeo, Moda, Estereotipos de Mujer