Around School, No. 6 (Nov. 2002)

Around School is a Marymount 5th grade Newspaper created by students and teachers in English language. Most of the articles written by the students are about school projects and daily activities.
Newspaper made by 5th grade of Marymount School
Marymount School Medellín - Math Projects, Marymount School Medellín - Construction, Drawing - Exhibitions, Catholic Church - History, Poetry, Marymount School Medellín - Science Projects, Marymount School Medellín - Staff, Marymount School Medellín - English Program, Entertainment, Fashion, Jokes, Christmas, Recipes, Lavigne, Avril (Singer), Handicraft, School Vacations, Word Games, Mejía Sarasti, María Eugenia - Interviewing, Vignon, Jean Michelle - Interviewing, Horoscope
No. 6 (Nov. 2002)