El concepto de mujer en la cultura griega antigua y su influencia en los estereotipos femeninos de la actualidad : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
The civilization of ancient Greece was a turning point in human history. Fields such as philosophy, economics, and politics were explored and conquered by the Greeks; resulting in the rapid development of the mainland polis and their communities. Concepts from thousands of centuries ago, are still relevant today. Legacies such as the change from myth to reason, the discovery of the earth as a sphere, the creation of democracy and the transition from geocentrism to heliocentrism, exemplify the great influence that this civilization has had on the contemporary world. The stereotype of Hellenic women, which is one of the so many concepts that has been perpetuated, resulting in centuries of repression towards the feminine, does not depart from these processes. For this reason, a historical trace was made in which the patterns of the ancient Greek civilization are evidenced, especially those relegated to the role of women. In the present research is the collection of the necessary information to understand the Classical period and to analyze at a sociohistorical level, how the stereotype of the contemporary woman was conditioned.
Civilización Griega, Mujer - Civilización Griega, Feminismo