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    ¿Cómo ha evolucionado la fotografía publicitaria y qué impacto ha tenido en el consumidor de Medellín? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Alvarez Duque, María José
    The theme covered in this work is about how the evolution of advertising photography impacts consumers in Medellín. There are several ways to make an advertisement that contains photographs attract more consumer attention than one that does not have any type of image. For this, an investigation was carried out by means of a survey directed at 38 inhabitants of the city of Medellín, which allowed affirming what was previously consulted and answering the question asked. In turn, in this research, a collection of historical data on photography and advertising was made, where information from our country was taken into account, and a small trace in the timeline. Some elements that are used to make the image look attractive and catch the consumer's attention are the saturation of the colors, the quality of the image, the lighting, and the way the advertisement is organized. When an advertisement contains an image to show the public, the product builds trust and gives customers an idea of what the product actually looks like by motivating the desire to purchase it. For this reason, advertising must complement an image.
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    ¿De qué manera el mercadeo de la moda genera estereotipos en la mujer actual? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Rada González, Emiliana
    This research is generally aimed at determining how the marketing of the fashion industry generates stereotypes in today's women. A theoretical study of general concepts, current fashion marketing, characteristics of the fashion industry, and history of women’s stereotypes was essential. It was important to build on sources like the ones thrown at us by the British author Mike Easey, writer of the book "fashion marketing", Catalina Villa magister in fashion marketing, and Valentina Osorio creator of women's image science. Finally, it was concluded with the help of several experts on the selected topic and with the theoretical information obtained in the research that, whether there is a clear relationship between fashion marketing and current stereotypes of women that they do generates stereotypes in the current woman, in some cases conscious, in others unconscious and it creates them by fostering a perfect image of women by different means, such as advertising and social media.
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    In which ways has forensic evidence collection for the conviction of a serial killer evolved over the years as seen from a criminalistic point of view? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Alzate Jaramillo, Mariana
    Detecting and catching a serial killer in the shortest time possible after his very first strikes is a key factor in order to minimize the number of victims, they are able to affect, in order to achieve this, optimal techniques and equipment are crucial. Over the past 40 years, the evolution of technology has been astronomical; this transformation has drastically affected most, if not all professional areas, including the criminalistics field. This investigation consists of exploring the different manners in which the recent technological advances have shaped the examination tactics of forensic evidence into what is it today. To fulfil the previously mentioned objective one of the focal points of this investigation consists on the comparison between two serial killer cases from 2 different decades which date 30 years apart (1980´s - 2010); the contrast between these two, looks into multiple aspects within each of the cases, some of which include the modus operandi, the physical evidence and the testimonial evidence that was found in each of them and the impact each of them represented during the investigation process.
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    ¿Cómo el multitasking afecta la publicidad de la compra/venta de productos de moda ofertados por un emprendimiento? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Gutiérrez Medina, Amalia
    Multitasking has become a regular part of everyone’s daily life, it is used without being fully aware and without knowing the serious effects that it may be causing in humans. This research studies one of those areas, advertising, in which multitasking possibly intervenes, either positively or negatively. It investigates the impact that multitasking has on the minds of consumers at the moment in which they see advertising being offered by entrepreneurships, especially those of fashion, and those that are presented by digital media such as social networks. The result obtained shows the influence that, in a certain way, due to specific factors such as attention, multitasking has in people's lives, in addition to its impact on certain purchases and sales made by the entrepreneurships.
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    ¿Cómo impacta el duelo emocional por la muerte de un padre o madre en el desarrollo de la identidad de los jóvenes de 15 a 17 años? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Espinosa Calle, Mariana
    The following work presents the way in which grief impacts an adolescent in the ages between 15 and 17 years, while trying to form their identity, principles and values for the beginning of adulthood. Adolescence is defined as the period of human growth and development, that consists in multiple phycological and physical changes, along with constant mood and character fluctuations. This is a stage in which emotions are held on a fine thread. However, the moment in which the young man or woman, has to face situations such the parent loss, that might make him question his or her existence, values, beliefs and identity. This thread can thus be broken creating in adolescents intense emotional reactions, denial, fear, anxiety and depression, which can prejudice multiple processes of this stage.
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    ¿Cómo el imaginario de mujer paisa influye en las niñas de octavo y noveno del colegio Marymount de Medellín en su autoimagen y en su alimentación? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Botero Ospina, María
    In this work, the imaginary of a paisa woman that has been held for several years, and the influence that it continues to have today are exposed. Without a doubt, the imaginary of this woman is crossed by beauty. Medellin is a city characterized by being classified as a place where women are "beautiful" and some historical events have been in charge of setting this paradigm. However, this has become an international problem because the tourist arrives in the territory with such imaginary and purposes that do little to benefit women. Added to this, technological advances and new social networks have been in charge of propagating that imaginary of women, creating in today's young people concerns about their self-image. As a result of this, adolescents want to change their appearance since they do not feel comfortable with it, due to the constant comparison with those "beautiful" women, either on social networks or in their daily lives. Therefore, they also begin to affect eating habits and undergo arduous exercise routines or even surgeries to change your body and turn it into an "ideal" and "perfect" one, bringing as a consequence disorders in mental and physical health.
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    ¿Cómo incide la moda en la construcción de la identidad de los adolescentes en la contemporaneidad? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Mejía Zapata, María Clara
    The formation of identity in adolescents is a fundamental phase in the life of all individuals, since their tastes, their personality, their singularity are being consolidated. This research focuses on adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 and aims to analyze the impact of fashion on the construction of identity and what role it plays in the adolescent’s life, taking into account the characteristics of contemporary times in the city of Medellín.
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    ¿Cómo un diseño arquitectónico puede propender al cuidado y conservación de la naturaleza? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Jaramillo Pérez, Paula
    The nature that surrounds us is what keeps each and every human being alive, without it we would not survive or lead the life that we have today. It is unfortunate that while the environment provides us subsistence, we ruthlessly snatch it away. This has been going on for many years, knowing that nature has existed longer than we humans have. It is time to return to the environment everything that has not been respected and what better way than through architecture, which has been partially responsible for so much damage. Design in architecture can harmonize with nature, but it is necessary for it to know it, understand it and help it in the friendliest way possible; For this, there are several techniques, designs and construction methods, although it is not enough without a complete environmental awareness.
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    ¿Cómo la ansiedad generalizada incide en las relaciones interpersonales de los adolescentes? : Proyecto de Grtado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) López Gómez, Juanita
    For the past few decades, anxiety disorders have been raging. Around 21% of adolescents in the 21st century suffer from a mental disorder (Sanz, 2005), and many of them are not aware of how these may be affecting their daily life in a significant way, especially how they can affect their social relationships. From this, the characteristics of interpersonal relationships in adolescents suffering from an anxiety disorder such as generalized anxiety (GAD) and how it can have an impact on their daily lives are exposed in this research. It should be noted that adolescence is a time of changes at the physiological, anatomical and emotional level, and during this time human beings seek to establish bonds that are based on trust and support, but that support is detached from the family nucleus to build itself in the social circle of friends, thus, it is easier to cope with the various fluctuations experienced in this age. For adolescents with GAD, it is vital to have that support, but it is not easy to achieve it because they experience a series of difficult sensations to handle and, therefore, building social relationships is somewhat complex. Therefore, family and friends must be a solid base to support these adolescents, since it is about their rejection or indifference not being added to their mental and physical health.
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    ¿Cuál es el impacto que tienen los recuerdos en las decisiones de compra de las generaciones baby boomers y centennials ? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Escobar Mesa, Natalia
    This paper evaluates the relationship between memories and purchasing decisions specifically in two generations, which are baby boomers and centennials. Therefore, this project investigates some factors that influence memories and their relationship to emotions, as these are an important part of the process of remembering and storing memories. It also discusses how marketing experts through memorable shopping experiences can impact consumer memories to influence future purchases. In addition, there is research regarding the two generations mentioned and how to create specific strategies to attract them directly, because each generation has different purchasing trends. Finally, this project concludes that the experience that brands can provide to consumers are key to generating memories in them as these may affect future purchases; and while each generation seeks different traits in brands, the brand or company should build for the customer a memorable experience with high emotional burden to impact them in a positive way and create a bond of trust with the brand.
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    ¿Cómo los modelos económicos proteccionista y neoliberal en Colombia han impactado la soberanía del consumidor, y han determinado el desarrollo económico del país? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Jaramillo Holguín, María José
    Throughout Colombia’s history, there has been the implementation of the economic models, protectionist, with the purpose of protecting and strengthening the national industry; and neoliberal, looking for economic opening and globalization of the market. These models have influenced the behavior and freedom that consumers have within the market (consumer sovereignty), to choose which products and services to buy, which adhere to their preferences and needs, generating an impact on the economic development of the country. The interest in verifying the impact of these economic models in Colombia on customer sovereignty and on the economic development of the country gave rise to this investigation, with the question how have protectionist and neoliberal models in Colombia impacted consumer sovereignty, and determined the economic development of the country? In accordance with these concepts, a theoretical framework was elaborated, that covers in a deep way the protectionist and neoliberal economic models and their applications in Colombia, the concept of customer sovereignty and its application in Colombia, and the concept of economic development and its application in Colombia. In order to find a clear answer to this question, the relationship between protectionist and neoliberal economic models with customer sovereignty, and the connection that this has with economic development, are raised; in order to conclude with structured interviews with professionals in the field of economics, in order to have a clear perspective on each model, its impact on customer sovereignty, and the relationship it has with the country’s economic development.
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    El impacto de la industria de los influenciadores la toma de decisiones del consumidor adolescente : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Lopera Aguirre, María José
    In this research work it is seen what the influencer concept is nowadays. What are the digital environments, how do the influencers arise, how does the influencer trade work, how they make a profit and how can they be sponsored by companies to exhibit their products. Later on, it will be shown how human being make decisions and the description about who is the adolescent as a consumer in the digital era and how this is affected by influencers. Finally, it shows the impact of influencers on adolescents who are active on social networks.
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    ¿Qué tasa interna de retorno puede esperar una persona que invierta en Colombia en una empresa de economía naranja enfocada en actividades tecnológicas? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Zuluaga Builes, Laura
    In Colombia, the current government, led by President Iván Duque Márquez, is promoting and incentivizing the orange economy sector, providing tax benefits to companies and businesses involved in this project, with the aim of generating new jobs, attracting investors and energizing sectors of the economy such as the technology, tourism, jewelry, gastronomy, textiles, among others. However, thanks to these tax benefits, what domestic rate can an investor expect from an orange economy company? To carry out the research, a company called "Civica Mall" will be used to carry out the track of documents as this company is developing a technological product and has applied to the benefits that the government on duty is providing; In addition, for the interview and for the survey the people who will be interviewed are those that have knowledge of the current government project and about economics. With the population mentioned above and the tools to be applied for data collection, it is expected to reach the answer of the question posed.
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    ¿De qué manera los estereotipos físicos de las bailarinas de ballet clásico influyen en la confección de su vestuario? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) López Valencia, Laura Marcela
    The physical stereotypes of a woman in classic ballet have changed throughout history, showing an influence on the making of costumes that dancers wear on stage. This research project presents the history of classical ballet, the parameters that it requires and the evolution of its costumes. Furthermore, through interviews with dancers, teachers and seamstresses of Medellín, the guidelines established for classic ballet are presented, as well as their influence in the confection of the costumes, and how these factors limit their careers as ballet dancers.
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    ¿Cómo pueden los perros disminuir el tiempo de recuperación clínica de un ser humano? Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Mejía Quintero, Valeria
    This research project was carried out in the field of human health in order to determine how the dog can influence the clinical recovery of a human being who is undergoing a post-operative clinical recovery. Dogs and humans have gone through an evolutionary process that forged the relationship they have today. Thanks to this relationship, dogs can be of great help to humans when they experience a difficult situation, such as mental or physical problems, that prevents them from loving the day-to-day life. Animal Assisted Therapy, or better known as AAT has been practiced for many years and is a process in which humans benefit from animals, in this case dogs, in terms of physical and mental well-being. The methodology used was a literary review of descriptive medical research studies about how the presence of a domestic dog may influence in the post-operative recovery of a human being. From this research, it can be deducted that Animal Assisted Therapy has a clinical impact on the natural history of the disease, reducing the evolutionary time of recovery. It is found that the subjective experience of the disease improves thanks to the aid dogs provide.
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    ¿Cuál es el impacto causado por los buscadores y aplicaciones, en las empresas comercializadoras de alimentos en crecimiento que basan su venta de productos a través de las redes? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Giraldo Zamora, Andrea
    Virtual commerce has been a helpful tool for multiple people around the world, especially for those who are willing to start as entrepreneurs but decide to avoid making expenses that are not essential for this type of business, especially in its beginning. Therefore, the following project calls into question whether search engines and social application, affect in a specific manner in which these ventures, that base their sales through these platforms; likewise, it wants to show how these companies are looking for methods in which to improve their positioning in contrast to other users located in cyberspace.
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    ¿Cuál es el trastorno de personalidad de un asesino de niños? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Gómez Cortés, María José
    Throughout this paper, an in-depth investigation was carried out with the aim of analyzing killers' minds and coming to an understanding of how these can be affected by a pathology. Different variables were taken into account for this investigation, one being personality disorders and the other, being child murderers. During this research, the different types of personality disorders that exist within the psychology field are studied. On the other hand, the cases of two known killers in Colombia, Rafael Uribe Noguera and Luis Alfredo Garavito, are used as a tool to enrich the project. The crimes that were committed by these two individuals are characterized by their brutality against minors, which caused great commotion in the country. The study of these two individuals and the help granted by professional psychologists create a complete framework which answers the main question of the research: What is the personality disorder of a child murderers? This research concluded, that even though there are cases in which individuals may suffer from a personality disorder, not every murderer has these pathologies. This means that child murderers cannot be locked into a specific personality disorder since each case has different variables that may change depending on many factors.
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    ¿Cuáles son los impactos físicos y psicológicos que se generan en un bebé después de un parto por cesárea comparado con un parto vaginal? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Patiño Monsalve, Juanita
    Different reports in present physical, psychological and behavioral complications that a baby born by a cesarean delivery experiences, either long or short term, compared to complications in a vaginal delivery have been reported. According to previous studies, these may be linked to the baby not descending through the vaginal canal. Some of these complications are asthma, ADHD, low cognitive development of the child, among others. The objective of this research is to determine the physical and psychological impact that a cesarean delivery has in the baby compared to the impacts generated in a vaginal delivery. The methodology used was mixed, in which a survey was conducted with open and closed questions to obtain data and different opinions of women who had experienced one or both type of delivery methods. In addition, the information obtained was analyzed and compare to the theory set out in the conceptual framework. The conclusion is that cesarean delivery has no greater impact on the baby than a vaginal delivery. It is suggested to continue with this type of research as with the information collected it is not enough to be conclusive.
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    ¿Cuál fue el aporte de la sucesión de Fibonacci en la teoría de números y en la solución de problemas creativos y sencillos en las áreas STEM? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Bernal Vélez, María José
    The Fibonacci sequence is a very simple series that was stated by Leonardo of Pisa, a Greek mathematician of the 12th century that made great contributions in the number theory, consisting of the branch of mathematics that studies whole numbers and their properties, as he introduced the numbers that we currently use and the basic operations with these. Despite being a very simple progression, it has many properties and applications in our daily lives because it can be seen not only in mathematics, such as in the Pascal’s Triangle, but also in nature, in the human body, and in human creations, including the organization of the seeds of some plants (like sunflowers), the outline of galaxies and hurricanes, the measure of our hands’ phalanges, the beauty of human beings, the Greek Parthenon, and the Mona Lisa. However, many people don’t have any knowledge about this sequence or its importance when explaining many of the phenomena that we witness daily. Moreover, this project pretends that a greater variety of individuals acquire knowledge of it. Because of this, the present work exhibits the basic concepts of the Fibonacci Sequence and the number theory with the objective of revealing the contributions of this progression in this division of mathematics. On the other hand, it will also be established if this succession can help in the solution of creative and simple problems in the STEM areas by using questionnaires applied to ninth and tenth grade students of Marymount School, where they will need to use the knowledge they gained on this sequence (explained through a video) and their basic knowledge of mathematics.
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    Pautas de crianza y su relación con la configuración de asesinos seriales : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2020) Molina Vargas, Maria Antonia
    In this investigation the main objective is to find out how parenting patterns influence in the configuration of a serial killer in Colombia. For this, it was completely essential to find information about the importance of parenting, the different style of parenting patterns used by parents or surrogate figures and the consequences that these have in the configurations of human beings in long term. Additionally, it was studied two different profiles of Colombian serial killers, Daniel Camargo Barbosa and Pedro Alonso López, focused in the main characteristics of their childhood in order to understand their upbringing. After this, the information obtained was analyzed and later on, it lead to a conclusion: parenting patterns being the primary base of socialization of an individual lead in the configuration of the personality and the abilities of it, therefore, it is conclude how the configuration of a serial killer seems to be affected by the kind of parenting patterns that the person was exposed to in its childhood.