¿Cómo el imaginario de mujer paisa influye en las niñas de octavo y noveno del colegio Marymount de Medellín en su autoimagen y en su alimentación? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
In this work, the imaginary of a paisa woman that has been held for several years, and the influence that it continues to have today are exposed. Without a doubt, the imaginary of this woman is crossed by beauty. Medellin is a city characterized by being classified as a place where women are "beautiful" and some historical events have been in charge of setting this paradigm. However, this has become an international problem because the tourist arrives in the territory with such imaginary and purposes that do little to benefit women. Added to this, technological advances and new social networks have been in charge of propagating that imaginary of women, creating in today's young people concerns about their self-image. As a result of this, adolescents want to change their appearance since they do not feel comfortable with it, due to the constant comparison with those "beautiful" women, either on social networks or in their daily lives. Therefore, they also begin to affect eating habits and undergo arduous exercise routines or even surgeries to change your body and turn it into an "ideal" and "perfect" one, bringing as a consequence disorders in mental and physical health.
Mujeres - Medellin, Estereotipos de Genero, Estereotipos de Mujer, Autoimagen