La influencia de la participación política juvenil en la última elección presidencial en Colombia : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
Young people have always been relevant social actors, they are an intriguing, dynamic, and in constant transformation, but they are rarely categorized in a political context. More specifically, in Colombia, young people are becoming more present, more participatory, and more noticeable, due to tools such as social networks and the growing support for the youth community. This project sought to analyze the social and political impact that young people have, reflected in democracy and the results of the last presidential elections. Research was carried out to define the Colombian youth, frame the mechanisms of political participation and highlight current conceptions of the young person within society. The tools used in the methodology were a focus group and a survey, completely oriented to highlight the experience of the youth directly. After an analysis of the data, it was concluded that young people do have considerable support, the citizens are interested in seeing and listening to young people. It was possible to portray all the obstacles, characteristics, tools and environments to which a young Colombian is exposed, concluding that youth political renovation, with all its variables and challenges, applied to elections is the phenomenon that has been successfully studied in this research.
Juventud, Participación Política - Colombia, Elecciones Presidenciales - Colombia