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    Influencia de los conceptos filosóficos en la construcción narrativa de La insoportable Levedad del Ser : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2021) Zuluaga Rodríguez, Camila
    Literature is important for the world because it is a cultural synthesis, since it portrays societies and behaviors of a time or community. It is also linked to philosophy, since it reflects the concepts it proposes. Analyzing literature, from this point of view, is a way to understand what the various thinkers propose and what man feels, thinks and experiences. For this reason, this paper investigated the way in which the philosophical concepts of lightness, weight, body and soul developed by Milán Kundera in The Unbearable Lightness of Being intervene in the narrative construction he proposes, and their participation in the eternal return from the contradiction posed by the duality of lightness-weight. The aforementioned philosophical concepts thus have an impact on the configuration of the main characters of the work. On the other hand, at the methodological level, a qualitative approach was used: first, a documentary review was used as a tool for the construction of the theoretical framework; then, descriptions, experiences and dialogues of the characters were delved into, based on the strategy of literary tracing to analyze the work under study, reaching the conclusion that the philosophical concepts mentioned end up affecting the narrative itself.
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    Monos y el Reclutamiento Forzado de menores en Colombia : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2021) Cadavid Restrepo, Isabel
    This work’s main purpose is to analyze the movie Monos by Alejadro landes as well as to understand the hows and whys of forced recruitment in Colombia. By doing this it attempts to answer how the movie Monos reflects Colombia’s armed conflict throught the problematic of child recruitment? For this purpose a document analysis will be conducted with focus on the movie and the dynamics of forced recruitment; with the information gathered from this research conclusions will be drawn to find out which aspects of this problematic can be found in Monos. Through this process, an understanding of forced recruitment will be achieved, and the question will be answered.
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    La influencia de la participación política juvenil en la última elección presidencial en Colombia : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2021) Arboleda Aristizábal, Isabel
    Young people have always been relevant social actors, they are an intriguing, dynamic, and in constant transformation, but they are rarely categorized in a political context. More specifically, in Colombia, young people are becoming more present, more participatory, and more noticeable, due to tools such as social networks and the growing support for the youth community. This project sought to analyze the social and political impact that young people have, reflected in democracy and the results of the last presidential elections. Research was carried out to define the Colombian youth, frame the mechanisms of political participation and highlight current conceptions of the young person within society. The tools used in the methodology were a focus group and a survey, completely oriented to highlight the experience of the youth directly. After an analysis of the data, it was concluded that young people do have considerable support, the citizens are interested in seeing and listening to young people. It was possible to portray all the obstacles, characteristics, tools and environments to which a young Colombian is exposed, concluding that youth political renovation, with all its variables and challenges, applied to elections is the phenomenon that has been successfully studied in this research.
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    Cómo el proceso del diseño de producto de una empresa de juguetes como LEGO incide en la fidelización de sus clientes a lo largo del tiempo : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2021) Valencia Tirado, Valeria
    The design of a product is a key factor to make a customer feel satisfied with the product and, as time goes by, build loyalty with them. Each company has different innovation methods, these vary depending on the public they want to reach and the company's mission. It should be noted that in order to achieve loyalty there is a need for a process that requires both marketing and design. This research seeks to understand how this process in a toy company such as LEGO affects customer loyalty over time. To achieve this, the process was started by analyzing LEGO toys through the study of the design of their products. In addition, the strategies used, the patterns in their designs and the relationship that exists between them, and their permanence in the market were identified and recognized. To demonstrate and validate what was found in the research, patterns and their general relationships in society were pointed out according to the background research of this project. The use of a quantitative methodology allowed analyzing the importance for a company to maintain the current trends in its sales. This research demonstrated through the work of a company like LEGO, and through history, how it has managed to maintain customer loyalty while continuing to grow in the market
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    La realidad carcelaria colombiana y las fallas más frecuentes en el sistema : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2021) Bonnet Bastidas, Isabella
    This study aims to show how the prison system in Colombia has failed since its inception and has brought with it an effect on the social and economic context of the country. Moreover, the violation of Human Rights that occurs due to the general overcrowding of the prisons will be studied as well as the problems it causes in the economy of the country, the health of the inmates and the mistreatment they suffer. The purpose of this project is to understand the reality of prisons in Colombia and explain to society what it’s like to live inside the penitentiaries as well as the most frequent failures in the system and the abuses that this population undergoes. This will be achieved through document tracking and the application of a qualitative and quantitative methodology which seeks to show the opinion of experts and how little knowledge the general population has regarding the subject. Likewise, an additional search is done regarding success stories of the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners in other countries and how this gives them the possibility of life without crime. Among the success stories in prison systems, it will focus on countries such as Finland and Norway which show a prestigious structure with low recidivism rates and a small prison population. In addition, programs created by the actress Johana Bahamon at the “Acción Interna” foundation will be mentioned. With all the information collected, the different cases of corruption and the effect they have had on civil society and the prison population are discovered, which, due to the different shortcomings, tend to relapse and fail to get away from the vicious circle of reentering the prison system.