¿Cómo impacta el color y la imagen al consumidor en una estrategia publicitaria? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellin
The topic studied on this project is the influence of visual elements implemented in strategies of advertisement. There are diverse ways to communicate a message and throughout the assignment, the medias used to reach people are exposed, as well as the way in which all the visual tools can be used in order to transmit information adequately. Some of these elements include color, typography, illustration, icons and symbols. All of them are included inside an image to share a message taking in account the possible unconscious responses and reactions of consumers to the combination of these factors. In addition, close attention is payed to the consumer’s perception to what is presented with the purpose of exposing the message very clearly or at least to lead the consumers perception as close as possible to what is meant to be expressed. The goal is to expose the way in which the consumer is visually stimulated by images and colors in a strategy of advertisement and the project is supported by quantitative methodology that evidences the different sensations experienced by real users. The reader can find some results of the process of investigation.
Color, Imagen, Publicidad, Estimulación visual, Marca, Mercadeo de producto