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    ¿Por qué el desarrollo económico incide en la constitución del estado social de derecho colombiano? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Nuñez Calderón, Manuela
    The Colombian State must meet certain requirements to be constituted as a Social State of Law, where it can be seen how the situation of the Country differs from others that have the same political model. At first sight you can determine the main causes, among them the economy of the country. The present graduation project relates the economic development with the fulfillment of rights of Colombian population. It handles elements that should be considered, such as a chronological timeline to understand the situation that has happened in Colombia over past years and that has allowed it to be built as a social state of law. By observing the fulfillment of fundamental rights, it is possible to acknowledge the current situation that the citizens of the territory are experiencing.
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    Arquitectura y expresiones artísticas en la comuna 13 : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Bonilla Mejía, Susana
    Artistic expressions have been a fundamental factor for the progress and transformation of comuna 13. After so many conflicts and all the violence in this place, young people, who were the main characters of this transformation, decided to exchange a weapon for a can of paint and thus infect the thoughts of the other inhabitants so that this commune would be a better place and violence, does not characterize the commune, as time has passed, the different inhabitants took different directions (graffiti, dancing, rap, acting and tour guides of the commune) as distractionsto put aside all the conflicts, the massacres, the drugs, domestic violence, among others and thus transform the commune. The commune has had state support in the construction of some structures such as the electric stairs and the viaduct, and although the inhabitants of the commune have not agreed on some transformations, these have helped their economy.
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    ¿De qué forma la narrativa en el cine influye en la sensibilización de la audiencia? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) García Congrains, Julia Antonia
    The present capstone project covers the way in which the audience of the cinema, sees itself reflected in the history that it’s presented, technical and artistic aspects are strong detailed and show the way it touch the spectator, allowing the entry to a sensitive part of humans, where they are able to identify themselves through specific aspects supporting the importance of the scenes and what they contain for the development of the plot and overall, the expectations that are generated around the narrative possibilities that this world has, this writing covers those artistic parameters such as the script, the music, the plot, the costumes, the cast and the scenography along with the importance of each one and how it generates an impact on the audience, on the other hand, technical parameters such as colour, planes, lighting, sound, technical script and the locations are mentioned and how they make the film atmosphere unique evoking sensations in people, it’s a text that weaves the investigation problem from a universal perspective where we take into account characteristics that the human being possesses, such as physiological and behavioral reactions that produce emotions, and lead to having the audience to have an empathy for what they are watching.
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    ¿Cuáles son las características epidemiológicas y la evaluación pos quirúrgica de los pacientes con cataratas intervenidos en un centro oftalmológico de Medellín? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Velásquez Henao, Mariarosa
    This Graduation Project was carried out in the field of ophthalmology in order to determine the epidemiological characteristics and post-surgical evaluation of patients with cataracts operated in an ophthalmological center in Medellin. Cataracts can be congenital or acquired, mainly affect women with an average age of 70 years and it is related to systemic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, steroid consumption, among others, or trauma. After surgery (Phacoemulsification) visual changes improve significantly and this affects people's quality of life. The methodology used was a descriptive retrospective study about the characteristics of patients operated by phacoemulsification at an ophthalmologic center in Medellín between 2018 and 2019 with an average age of 71, describing changes in visual acuity, color and pain perception, and their incidence on quality of life. It can be concluded that the cataract surgery is a procedure that can be performed at any age, with a rapid recovery and a high impact on quality of life represented by improvement in visual acuity and color perception, and with very low sensation of postoperative pain, making it a cost-effective surgery with low morbidity, reproducible and social impacting.
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    ¿De qué manera el uso de la ingeniería genética influye en el desarrollo de posibles tratamientos para el cáncer cerebral? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Hurtado Restrepo, Estefanía
    Currently, the human being is fighting against multiple pathologies to which he is vulnerable and for which he still does not know the cure, among them cancer. There are different kinds of tumors; some are known as the most serious ones, others as the ones that advance quickly and others. But on the other hand there is the fearsome brain cancer, which is categorized as the most serious, lethal and of rapid growing of all tumors. Although treatments for this type of cancer have been created, they turn out to be very toxic and do not have the same effectiveness in it as they do in other types of cancer. The bloodbrain barrier that surrounds the brain and the location of these tumors near essential structures of the organism, have been the main factors that have slowed down the process of manufacturing an effective alternative therapy for them. However, the evolution of genetic engineering, which is a discipline that aims to modify the genetic material of an organism with a specific purpose, has been a technology that has begun to revolutionize the area of oncological therapies, offering new treatments such as gene therapy and other techniques that aim to provide a better process to treat, not only brain tumors, but also other forms of cancer.
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    ¿Es relevante el papel del corresponsal de guerra dentro de un conflicto bélico? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Serrano Moraga, Natalia
    Conflicts are part of our life as well as talking is part of our most common actions. War is what shows all the facets and true colors of the human being, of a state, of a country, of any professional; but what happens when a civilization is not informed, or does not have access to the facts, no matter how crude they may be? From this moment on, an imbalance is born leading to a destabilized society. Today the world is full of fallacies, of lies that try to hide truths that try to expose only a version of a story that lacks arguments or intentions. Thanks to the role of the war correspondent, the doors are opened to the truth, a society that falters due to inconsistencies is stabilized, different points of view are proposed, and reality is left in the hands of active citizenship. A country like Colombia is not exempt from this reality, and this is why the research focuses on the situation of a country that in many cases denies its history and the actors who were part of it. In order to illustrate the importance of the role of the correspondent or war reporter in a conflict, we seek to investigate the work that it develops in all its different areas as well as its impact, importance and history in Colombia to reflect the change that its presence and existence allows to happen within a society. Additionally, the profession will be studied from a panoramic and international point of view in order to reach the goal of understanding the change that this actor has left in a national sense.
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    ¿De qué manera el modelo pedagógico usado en las estudiantes de la sección de High School del Colegio Marymount, funciona en la enseñanza-aprendizaje de las ciencias exactas-naturales?: Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Aubad Acebedo, Susana
    Pedagogical models have always been a useful element for teachers and administrators alike as they study the behavior of students to understand the best way to teach them. Thanks to this research, the methodologies, methods and existing edagogical models have been developed. However, nowadays, there is such a plethora of ways of teaching that truly what is the best way to teach? Presently, students present themselves with a difference in development, therefore it needs to be studied the best way to teach them, specifically in the area of exact and natural sciences. But, is it possible that only one pedagogical model meets all the needs of a student? The hypothesis of the present work came from the students questioning the current variety of methodologies in place at the school. In order to determine if the pedagogical model used in the High School section in Marymount School works in the teaching-learning process of the exact and natural sciences, research was carried out on the pedagogical models and how these work in the teaching-learning processes of the exact and natural sciences. In addition to the characteristics of the models or model currently applied in Marymount School, the strengths and weaknesses of the model(s) used was established through unstructured surveys applied to students from 9th to 11th grade, as well as to teachers in the areas of exact and natural sciences,both from Marymount School.
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    ¿De qué manera el turismo salvaje puede afectar la fauna silvestre en la Amazonía? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Salazar Isaza, Manuela
    Wildlife tourism consists in the interaction of the tourist with an animal, either through observation, physical contact, photography or manual feeding. This type of tourism has increased in recent years, in places of the word with greater biodiversity, including the Amazon. Most of the places where there is the possibility of carrying out this type of interaction, present an inadequate nagement of wildlife, which affects it in different ways, the Amazon is not the exception to these practices. Social networks and the henomenon of selfies, generate physical and psychological complications in the fauna, impacts which few are known by tourist. This work seeks to inquire about the way in which tourism is affecting wildlife in the Amazon, due to its biological relevance and the economic and social implications. For this purpose, different tourist attractions with wildlife are visited: the Isla de los Micos, the BioPark and the Parque Zoobotânico de Tabatinga through a qualitative study with a descriptive and qualitativeapproach. A field visit is made to the Amazon, and interviews with Corpoamazonia officials, BioPark workers, and tourists present in the area. It was found that not all tourist attractions present the appropriate conditions for wildlife, especially outside of Colombia and that there are still many actions to be taken in terms of protection of wildlife and environmental awareness in the Amazon.
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    ¿De qué manera la arquitectura del período moderno exterioriza el lenguaje y la cultura? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Bernal Arango, Raquel
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    El Alzheimer, la enfermedad sin cura : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Carrillo Cardona, Mariana
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    ¿Cómo se están diseñando los nuevos modelos de negocio a partir de la innovación? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín,, 2019) Ochoa Mejía, Antonia
    Business models have had to be reinvented over time and many of these differ because they have implemented innovation techniques within the companies that have served them either to differentiate themselves or even to speed up processes. Innovation has become a word used lately and this one refers to changing the traditional way of doing things and developing projects efficiently. Normally, in business you get to have very innovative ideas, you start with a lot of force, but then you see internal and external barriers that weaken them, so you have to keep in mind that really to make innovation the important thing is to implement all those ideas that alleviate the pains of the users and to execute them. This requires prior knowledge of the complete ecosystem, understanding of users and business needs; in addition, a great effort and commitment from the whole team. To foster innovation within organizations, it is essential to work with a diverse group of people who can provide different points of view and when talking about co- creating, the company’s leaders are also included, mainly inspire leaders who can empower other employees to achieve great things. Therefore, it is necessary that companies understand and study, in detail, the user in order to provide the best experience, and that the user is satisfied.
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    ¿Cómo mantener la experiencia del cliente en un centro comercial virtual como si se estuviera en un espacio físico? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Madrid Sánchez, Valentina
    Today’s generations have changed, as technology is taking the world, in the future it is said that technology will be everything in business, in homes, in education, among others. For this reason, this research was created about the experience of costumers in virtual shopping centers in common with those already existing (physical ones), and it was intended to establish the feelings of customers in a physical world and in a virtual world as technology progresses more and more. Phenomena such as technology have been implemented around the requirements of this generation, the actual shopping centers are no longer like in previous years that people had no greater knowledge of the technology. Thanks to this, people buy more through websites because of what they represent; products come home without consumers having to move, and also do not waste time at the time of payment as it is possible to make it through the same site, and if the product is not wanted, you can make use of the system of returns, there is also access to reimbursement of money. This work also intends to leave an idea of future work for the Marymount School, which consists in a model of "Bookstore online", so that the different users of this place can have easier access in the purchases, and thus promote the use of this store which is so precious to the Institution.
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    ¿Cómo impacta el color y la imagen al consumidor en una estrategia publicitaria? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellin, 2019) González Jhonson, Isabel
    The topic studied on this project is the influence of visual elements implemented in strategies of advertisement. There are diverse ways to communicate a message and throughout the assignment, the medias used to reach people are exposed, as well as the way in which all the visual tools can be used in order to transmit information adequately. Some of these elements include color, typography, illustration, icons and symbols. All of them are included inside an image to share a message taking in account the possible unconscious responses and reactions of consumers to the combination of these factors. In addition, close attention is payed to the consumer’s perception to what is presented with the purpose of exposing the message very clearly or at least to lead the consumers perception as close as possible to what is meant to be expressed. The goal is to expose the way in which the consumer is visually stimulated by images and colors in a strategy of advertisement and the project is supported by quantitative methodology that evidences the different sensations experienced by real users. The reader can find some results of the process of investigation.
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    ¿Cómo el entorno influye en la decisión de compra de un adolescente frente al consumo de tecnología? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2019) Valdés Pérez, Sara
    The environment is one of the factors that affect a person when buying a product, the adolescent consumer is exposed to technology, information and advertising, making them want to buy certain products and be aligned with the new market trends. In order to see the impact that the environment has on the decision to purchase a consumer, an investigation was conducted on how this affects adolescents in the cities of Miami and Medellín against technological consumption. As cities are completely different culturally and socially, market strategies should be focused on understanding the environment and the needs that the consumer has to meet their needs. To validate the hypothesis raised in this work of how the environment influences the purchase decision of adolescents against technological consumption. There will be an investigation about the consumer, which influences him to make a decision, what the environment consists of and what aspects are relevant when defining a market strategy in a globalized world. Finally, mixed surveys will be applied to adolescents in these cities to determine if the environment (reference groups, sensory experience, family, culture and technology) influences their decision.