¿Cuáles son los impactos físicos y psicológicos que se generan en un bebé después de un parto por cesárea comparado con un parto vaginal? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
Different reports in present physical, psychological and behavioral complications that a baby born by a cesarean delivery experiences, either long or short term, compared to complications in a vaginal delivery have been reported. According to previous studies, these may be linked to the baby not descending through the vaginal canal. Some of these complications are asthma, ADHD, low cognitive development of the child, among others. The objective of this research is to determine the physical and psychological impact that a cesarean delivery has in the baby compared to the impacts generated in a vaginal delivery. The methodology used was mixed, in which a survey was conducted with open and closed questions to obtain data and different opinions of women who had experienced one or both type of delivery methods. In addition, the information obtained was analyzed and compare to the theory set out in the conceptual framework. The conclusion is that cesarean delivery has no greater impact on the baby than a vaginal delivery. It is suggested to continue with this type of research as with the information collected it is not enough to be conclusive.
Parto por cesárea, Embarazo, Cuidado del recién nacido, Parto vaginal, Complicaciones del parto