¿Cuál es el impacto que tienen los recuerdos en las decisiones de compra de las generaciones baby boomers y centennials ? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
This paper evaluates the relationship between memories and purchasing decisions specifically in two generations, which are baby boomers and centennials. Therefore, this project investigates some factors that influence memories and their relationship to emotions, as these are an important part of the process of remembering and storing memories. It also discusses how marketing experts through memorable shopping experiences can impact consumer memories to influence future purchases. In addition, there is research regarding the two generations mentioned and how to create specific strategies to attract them directly, because each generation has different purchasing trends. Finally, this project concludes that the experience that brands can provide to consumers are key to generating memories in them as these may affect future purchases; and while each generation seeks different traits in brands, the brand or company should build for the customer a memorable experience with high emotional burden to impact them in a positive way and create a bond of trust with the brand.
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