¿Cómo los modelos económicos proteccionista y neoliberal en Colombia han impactado la soberanía del consumidor, y han determinado el desarrollo económico del país? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
Throughout Colombia’s history, there has been the implementation of the economic models, protectionist, with the purpose of protecting and strengthening the national industry; and neoliberal, looking for economic opening and globalization of the market. These models have influenced the behavior and freedom that consumers have within the market (consumer sovereignty), to choose which products and services to buy, which adhere to their preferences and needs, generating an impact on the economic development of the country. The interest in verifying the impact of these economic models in Colombia on customer sovereignty and on the economic development of the country gave rise to this investigation, with the question how have protectionist and neoliberal models in Colombia impacted consumer sovereignty, and determined the economic development of the country? In accordance with these concepts, a theoretical framework was elaborated, that covers in a deep way the protectionist and neoliberal economic models and their applications in Colombia, the concept of customer sovereignty and its application in Colombia, and the concept of economic development and its application in Colombia. In order to find a clear answer to this question, the relationship between protectionist and neoliberal economic models with customer sovereignty, and the connection that this has with economic development, are raised; in order to conclude with structured interviews with professionals in the field of economics, in order to have a clear perspective on each model, its impact on customer sovereignty, and the relationship it has with the country’s economic development.
Modelo económico proteccionista, Modelo económico neoliberal, Desarrollo económico colombiano