¿De qué forma logra una marca, a través del diseño centrado en el usuario, convertirse en una experiencia significativa para el consumidor del 2018? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellin
Consumer trends are constantly changing and brands must learn how to adapt to these in order to stay competitive and relevant in the market. Due to these changes in the context and demand of consumption, the creation of a product that is simply useful is no longer enough to satisfy the consumers of 2018. What is now expected from brands and the services or products that they offer is for them to be able to develop a meaningful and direct connection with their consumers and, as a result, become a memorable experience for them. But, how does a brand manage to become an experience? The hypothesis of this investigation is that the missing variable in order to do so is the user-centered design. To determine if the user-centered design is indeed an effective tool for the construction of meaningful experiences, an investigation regarding this design philosophy and how to apply it in order to elevate users’ perceptions towards a product will be carried out. The relationship between both concepts will be exemplified through Netflix’s case. Additionally, the consumers of 2018, who are the study population of this investigation, will be examined. Finally, a fieldwork, with the objective of interpreting the perceptions of real users about how the experience of a product is what gives it a meaning, will be carried out.
Diseño centrado en el usuario, Consumidores, Diseño de marca