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    Emociones dentro del espacio arquitectónico : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellin, 2018) López Gómez, Paulina
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    Necesidades Infraestructurales de los Vehículos Eléctricos e Híbridos en Colombia : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2018) Berdugo Gallego, Elisa
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    ¿Cuál es el panorama laboral real al que se enfrentan las mujeres en Colombia en la actualidad? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellin, 2018) Restrepo Botero, Laura
    The following research project provides an overview of the labor panorama of women in Colombia. In particular, it studies the access conditions of the female population to different jobs (making a comparison with men) and the gender wage gap. In order to make a complete and informed analysis, the existing Colombian legislation is analyzed, including an assessment of the political constitution, the Código Sustantivo del Trabajo, Law 1457 of 2011 and Law 1257 of 2008. Additionally, the jurisprudence regarding the subject is further evaluated, as different judgements by the Constitutional Court, including Sentence T 247 of 2010 and Sentence T 878 of 2014, are studied. However, this phenomenon must be contextualized, since the principal objective of the present social investigation is to understand its occurrence in reality. For this purpose, news and informs about the described situation, are studied. Nevertheless, in order to ground the investigation and be able to compare it with a real social fact, a field work is implemented, in which a population conformed by 15 women who are part of the actual Colombian labor force (5 belonging to strata 1 and 2; 5 belonging to strata 3 and 4; and 5 belonging to strata 5 and 6) represent the real labor panorama for women in Colombia nowadays and assess different discriminatory behaviors in this area.
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    ¿De qué forma logra una marca, a través del diseño centrado en el usuario, convertirse en una experiencia significativa para el consumidor del 2018? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellin, 2018) Balthazar Correa, Adelaida
    Consumer trends are constantly changing and brands must learn how to adapt to these in order to stay competitive and relevant in the market. Due to these changes in the context and demand of consumption, the creation of a product that is simply useful is no longer enough to satisfy the consumers of 2018. What is now expected from brands and the services or products that they offer is for them to be able to develop a meaningful and direct connection with their consumers and, as a result, become a memorable experience for them. But, how does a brand manage to become an experience? The hypothesis of this investigation is that the missing variable in order to do so is the user-centered design. To determine if the user-centered design is indeed an effective tool for the construction of meaningful experiences, an investigation regarding this design philosophy and how to apply it in order to elevate users’ perceptions towards a product will be carried out. The relationship between both concepts will be exemplified through Netflix’s case. Additionally, the consumers of 2018, who are the study population of this investigation, will be examined. Finally, a fieldwork, with the objective of interpreting the perceptions of real users about how the experience of a product is what gives it a meaning, will be carried out.
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    ¿Cómo tratar el cáncer de seno utilizando terapia génica? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2018) Pabón Bernal, Manuela
    Breast cancer is responsible for one of the highest death rates of women worldwide and due to its location, it’s almost impossible for it not to develop metastasis. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of procedures for its treating process, although generally all of them bring to the patient undesirable secondary effects. In order to avoid these secondary effects, a new procedure is being developed called gene therapy, which among all the benefits it will bring, the most amazing thing is that if it works, it has all the potential to eradicate cancer cells from the human body and it will not produce any kind of secondary effect that intervenes in the patient’s welfare.
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    ¿Cómo el rol profesional del odontólogo puede ayudar a mitigar los temores del paciente en el proceso de salud oral? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellín, 2018) Ochoa Urrea, Julia
    It has been demonstrated that most people are afraid of going to the dentist, being this type of fear of such an extreme that it can become incapacitating and uncontrollable for patients, leading them to prefer losing their dental pieces and suffering the pain produced by the dental diseases rather than going to the dentist. Dental fear can be a cause of various components and it can be treated in different ways. The objective of this investigative work is to describe the different fears that people faces when visiting the dentist and, on the other hand, how the specialist role can help to decrease these dental fears using different strategies, been the most important: relation patient-dentist. The description and findings allow to recognize the importance of the future in this profession, which is going to be more focused on generating a pleasant environment and seeking a good interaction with the patient to help calming their fears; since, dental fear is more common than people think.
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    ¿Cómo impacta la generación millennial el mercadeo en la ciudad de Medellín? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín : Marymount School Medellin, 2018) Toro Palma, Nina; Jaramillo Mejía, María José
    The millennial generation has impacted different social factors of the modern era, This generation differs from others as they depend on technology since they were born and it has a been a crucial tool throughout their formation. The technological industry has developed over the past years and have managed to adapt with this generation needs and desires. This way, technology has been able to become a crucial aspect of millennials lives and it has allowed its business to grow significantly. One of the subjects treated during this investigation is the impact that millennial generation have on marketing, it is based specifically in Medellin. Over the next few years, this generation will be active in different aspects, therefore it is of great importance that brand and companies focus on them. Analyzing their way of thinking, history has affected them directly. Millennials were born between 1982 and 1996, they are complicated to understand but it is useful to get to know their main characteristics. Businesses in Medellin have analyzed millennials, whereas some have not. For the Colombians that were born during this period, social networking is of high importance and influencers are trending. Millennials base their opinion depending on what society thinks and they look for an experience after each brand. Thanks to the development of new technologies, it was easier to identify the characteristics of the generation based on the market research. These technologies facilitated the understanding and count with much more friendly spaces with way more credibility.
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    ¿Cómo una microempresa logra transformarse en una macroempresa a través de mentes innovadoras? : Proyecto de Grado
    (Medellín: Marymount School Medellin, 2018) Echeverri López, Mariana
    Microenterprises in Colombia play a very important and representative role, in both in the economy of the country for families within the country and for society itself, these small businesses are generators of employment and capital in the country. In the following thesis the established differences that determine microentreprises and macroentreprises in the Colombian sector are exposed. In addition, it displays how a CEO is a key constituent for the growth of companies with different modalities and demonstrates how the transformation of a company is possible thanks to this representative. It is well known that now a days innovation is a key component for the development of a country, a city and even an organization, that is why its directed application, in each of the stages that these have, generally guarantees the growth and well-being of them. se habla tambien, of how these different strategies feed and nourish a cycle and productive process of expansion in companies in order to give them value and thus, in this way turn them into companies with a high level of competitiveness in environments that are increasingly changing. The CEO's are people oriented towards achievement, it is evident how they facilitate relationships both inside and outside the company, so, we talk about how they are people who can easily face the challenges that arise within the company and in the market, this is why they are leaders capable of leading a small company or business towards a process of growth and transformation to achieve their goal of becoming a macro company. In this thesis, we develop the relationship between the evolution process from a microenterprise to a macro company lead by CEO's who are powerful minds, leaders and innovators capable of generating significant changes within organizations.