¿Cómo una microempresa logra transformarse en una macroempresa a través de mentes innovadoras? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín: Marymount School Medellin
Microenterprises in Colombia play a very important and representative role, in both in the economy of the country for families within the country and for society itself, these small businesses are generators of employment and capital in the country. In the following thesis the established differences that determine microentreprises and macroentreprises in the Colombian sector are exposed. In addition, it displays how a CEO is a key constituent for the growth of companies with different modalities and demonstrates how the transformation of a company is possible thanks to this representative. It is well known that now a days innovation is a key component for the development of a country, a city and even an organization, that is why its directed application, in each of the stages that these have, generally guarantees the growth and well-being of them. se habla tambien, of how these different strategies feed and nourish a cycle and productive process of expansion in companies in order to give them value and thus, in this way turn them into companies with a high level of competitiveness in environments that are increasingly changing. The CEO's are people oriented towards achievement, it is evident how they facilitate relationships both inside and outside the company, so, we talk about how they are people who can easily face the challenges that arise within the company and in the market, this is why they are leaders capable of leading a small company or business towards a process of growth and transformation to achieve their goal of becoming a macro company. In this thesis, we develop the relationship between the evolution process from a microenterprise to a macro company lead by CEO's who are powerful minds, leaders and innovators capable of generating significant changes within organizations.
Microempresas, Macroempresas, Innovación Empresarial