¿Cuál es el trastorno de personalidad de un asesino de niños? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
Throughout this paper, an in-depth investigation was carried out with the aim of analyzing killers' minds and coming to an understanding of how these can be affected by a pathology. Different variables were taken into account for this investigation, one being personality disorders and the other, being child murderers. During this research, the different types of personality disorders that exist within the psychology field are studied. On the other hand, the cases of two known killers in Colombia, Rafael Uribe Noguera and Luis Alfredo Garavito, are used as a tool to enrich the project. The crimes that were committed by these two individuals are characterized by their brutality against minors, which caused great commotion in the country. The study of these two individuals and the help granted by professional psychologists create a complete framework which answers the main question of the research: What is the personality disorder of a child murderers? This research concluded, that even though there are cases in which individuals may suffer from a personality disorder, not every murderer has these pathologies. This means that child murderers cannot be locked into a specific personality disorder since each case has different variables that may change depending on many factors.
Asesinos en serie, Trastorno de la personalidad