¿De qué manera el uso de la ingeniería genética influye en el desarrollo de posibles tratamientos para el cáncer cerebral? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
Currently, the human being is fighting against multiple pathologies to which he is vulnerable and for which he still does not know the cure, among them cancer. There are different kinds of tumors; some are known as the most serious ones, others as the ones that advance quickly and others. But on the other hand there is the fearsome brain cancer, which is categorized as the most serious, lethal and of rapid growing of all tumors. Although treatments for this type of cancer have been created, they turn out to be very toxic and do not have the same effectiveness in it as they do in other types of cancer. The bloodbrain barrier that surrounds the brain and the location of these tumors near essential structures of the organism, have been the main factors that have slowed down the process of manufacturing an effective alternative therapy for them. However, the evolution of genetic engineering, which is a discipline that aims to modify the genetic material of an organism with a specific purpose, has been a technology that has begun to revolutionize the area of oncological therapies, offering new treatments such as gene therapy and other techniques that aim to provide a better process to treat, not only brain tumors, but also other forms of cancer.
Ingeniería Genética, Cáncer cerebral (Enfermedad) - Tratamiento