La realidad carcelaria colombiana y las fallas más frecuentes en el sistema : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
This study aims to show how the prison system in Colombia has failed since its inception and has brought with it an effect on the social and economic context of the country. Moreover, the violation of Human Rights that occurs due to the general overcrowding of the prisons will be studied as well as the problems it causes in the economy of the country, the health of the inmates and the mistreatment they suffer. The purpose of this project is to understand the reality of prisons in Colombia and explain to society what it’s like to live inside the penitentiaries as well as the most frequent failures in the system and the abuses that this population undergoes. This will be achieved through document tracking and the application of a qualitative and quantitative methodology which seeks to show the opinion of experts and how little knowledge the general population has regarding the subject. Likewise, an additional search is done regarding success stories of the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners in other countries and how this gives them the possibility of life without crime. Among the success stories in prison systems, it will focus on countries such as Finland and Norway which show a prestigious structure with low recidivism rates and a small prison population. In addition, programs created by the actress Johana Bahamon at the “Acción Interna” foundation will be mentioned. With all the information collected, the different cases of corruption and the effect they have had on civil society and the prison population are discovered, which, due to the different shortcomings, tend to relapse and fail to get away from the vicious circle of reentering the prison system.
Sistema Carcelario - Colombia, Derechos Humanos, Presos - Colombia