¿Es relevante el papel del corresponsal de guerra dentro de un conflicto bélico? : Proyecto de Grado

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Medellín : Marymount School Medellín
Conflicts are part of our life as well as talking is part of our most common actions. War is what shows all the facets and true colors of the human being, of a state, of a country, of any professional; but what happens when a civilization is not informed, or does not have access to the facts, no matter how crude they may be? From this moment on, an imbalance is born leading to a destabilized society. Today the world is full of fallacies, of lies that try to hide truths that try to expose only a version of a story that lacks arguments or intentions. Thanks to the role of the war correspondent, the doors are opened to the truth, a society that falters due to inconsistencies is stabilized, different points of view are proposed, and reality is left in the hands of active citizenship. A country like Colombia is not exempt from this reality, and this is why the research focuses on the situation of a country that in many cases denies its history and the actors who were part of it. In order to illustrate the importance of the role of the correspondent or war reporter in a conflict, we seek to investigate the work that it develops in all its different areas as well as its impact, importance and history in Colombia to reflect the change that its presence and existence allows to happen within a society. Additionally, the profession will be studied from a panoramic and international point of view in order to reach the goal of understanding the change that this actor has left in a national sense.
Corresponsales de Guerra, Conflictos Armados, Periodismo